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Your hunting trophies are memories of your African safari. You  will live with them for a lifetime, sharing them with all who see them proudly displayed. 

Choosing the right taxidermist to mount your trophies is very important.  Trophies hunted with Antelope for Africa Safaris will be sent to the taxidermist of your choice; whether the taxidermist is located in South Africa, the USA, or else where.  But, before you decide, consider the following:

coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)  Choose a taxidermist who is knowledgeable of the    species you will be hunting in South Africa. 

coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)  Choose a qualified taxidermist with a good reputation.

coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Tour the taxidermists' facilities, if possible; discuss with him the options for mounting your trophies.

coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Taxidermy completed in South Africa allows favorable foreign exchange rates for non-South Africans - thus, it is very affordable.

Outfitter and Professional Hunter Melville du Plessis of Antelope for Africa Safaris personally approves  Trophy Solutions Africa  located in Polokwane, South Africa.  12-18 months after your safari is the approximate time in which you can expect completion and shipping of your taxidermy work.

For hunters who wish to have their taxidermy completed outside of South Africa, all trophies must go through a raw prep and chemical process to be disinfected before shipping to the taxidermist of choice. This process takes approximately 3-6 months.  We approve Trophy Solutions Africa , owned and operated by Johan and Estie van de Merwe in Polokwane, Limpopo Province. A 2015 price list can be requested by email from Trophy Solutions Africa.

Trophy Solutions Africa is a PHASA member.

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