S.A. National Professional Hunting School

S.A. National Professional Hunting School           



Melville du Plessis, School Director

Letter to Prospective Students:

In 1992, with over twelve years outfitting and professional hunting experience with foreign and South African clients, I started the S.A. National Professional Hunting School.  My goal in starting the school was to use my own experiences and skills to improve the quality of new professional hunters entering the business.  Since then it has grown to the most respected PH School in South Africa. My students hold of the highest academic scores of any school in the country.  Students attending the S.A. National Professional Hunting School earn their qualification through hard work and dedication.      

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General Information:

The professional hunting course is thirteen hard-working, fun-filled days.  The course syllabus is approved by the Department of Nature Conservation and is taught using captivating methods.  Interesting, informative lectures and demonstrations are given by school director, Melville du Plessis, and by guest speakers who are experts in their fields.  There is also opportunity for hands-on practice with horn-judging, caping, shooting, etc.

Practical exams are evaluated by the school director.   General and Ordinance exams are evaluated by the Department of Nature Conservation.   We supply the following for the course:

blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes)  Text book
blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) 
Room and Board (alcohol excluded)
blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) 
All Facilities for the course

You must bring the following:

The following books are strongly recommended:

An easy to use online bookstore to order the above list of books and others is www.kalahari.netThey stock most of the better books or will order them for you. 

Note: Because this is a finishing school for professional hunting, you are expected to have some practical bush knowledge.  Judging of horn lengths through binoculars at 100 meters is difficult.  We therefore highly recommend serious practice before you arrive at S.A. National Professional Hunting School.

blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes)  Straight horns - length of the longest horn with the hair-like grain.

blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes)  Spiral horns - length of the longest horn on the front ridge to the top.

blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes)  BWB = Buffalo - greatest outside width between 'carpenter squares'.


Numerous lectures and demonstrations will be given during the twelve day course.  Subjects include the following topics, but are not limited to these alone.

blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Ordinance blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Horn Judging blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Bow-hunting
blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) First Aid blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Hunting Ethics blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Ecology
blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Marketing blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Bullet Placement blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Ballistics
blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Catering blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Practical Testing blackdiamond.gif (895 bytes) Handling of Trophies


Students must meet the necessary criteria to obtain a permit as a PH and/or Hunting Outfitter (HO) in South Africa.  Click here.

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