Recommended Travel Agent

Trish Hebert is a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC).  She is a South African who has made Austin, Texas her home for the past 25 years.  

Trish has kept close contact with South Africa and has sent many satisfied clients to her beloved country.  Because of her close working relationship with South Africa she has been able to negotiate "net" fares on South African Airways  which is the only airline that flies directly to South Africa from New York and Washington D.C., and Delta Airlines, the only airline to fly directly to South Africa from Atlanta.  Trish is willing to share these savings with Antelope for Africa Safaris so give her a call.

Call or email Trish at Guinea Travel in Austin, Texas today for an airfare quote.  You will see that her airfares are very competitive and that she offers the personal, professional service that is in keeping with what Antelope for Africa Safaris demands for their valued clients.



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