Antelope for Africa Safaris


African Hunting and Photographic Safaris

                                   Outfitter and PHMelville du Plessis

Melville du Plessis of Antelope for Africa Safaris  has 28 years experience outfitting and professional hunting in South Africa. He is licensed by the South African Department of Nature Conservation in most of the provinces of South Africa.

Melville personally organizes all safaris, both hunting and photographic. He employs a strong, competent team of professional hunters to conduct the safaris. He has an intimate knowledge of the fauna and flora of southern Africa. He is also director of the S.A. National Professional Hunting School.

Base camp is located in the scenic Waterberg Mountains in the Limpopo Province (formerly Northern Transvaal), South Africa.

Melville is a life-member of P.H.A.S.A. (Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa). Serving on the Executive Committee for 14 years,  he was elected Vice-President at the PHASA AGM until November 2012 and in 2010 was awarded the Coenrad Vermaak Award.  Melville is a member of SCI, TWA, and RMEF and a Master Measurer for both Rowland Ward and SCI.

Whether you prefer hunting with rifle or camera,  Outfitter and Professional Hunter, Melville du Plessis, will expertly guide you on an outstanding and unforgettable African safari adventure!

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