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Hunting Trophies

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coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Eland coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Blue Wildebees coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Baboon
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Kudu coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Black Wildebees coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Spring Hare
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Gemsbok coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Blesbok coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Red Hartebeest
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Waterbuck coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)White Blesbok coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Springbok
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Grey Rhebuck coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Bushbuck coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Southern Mountain Reedbuck
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Nyala coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Tsessebe coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Common Reedbuck   
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Impala coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Spotted Hyena coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Grey Duiker
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Warthog/Bushpig coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Oribi coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Steenbok
coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Burchell's Zebra coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes)Klipspringer coraldiamond.gif (954 bytes) Black-backed Jackal

**NOTE:  A conservation levy of $10. will be added to each trophy taken.

impala Melville and Marco du Plessis

reddiamond.gif (938 bytes) Click here for current trophy fees.

blue_diamond.gif (938 bytes) For all other species, including Leopard, Cape Buffalo and White Rhino, talk to Melville du Plessis.

yellowdiamond.gif (938 bytes) Trophy Hunting: The Professional Hunter's Delimma

"Let your spirit Roam in Afrika"

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