Antelope for Africa Safaris


African Hunting and Photographic Safaris


At Antelope for Africa Safaris each hunter will find a subtle blend of African hunting with gracious after-the-hunt living where warm and comfortable lodges are nestling in the Waterberg Mountains amid the picturesque streams and untouched nature.      

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We are renowned for our personal service, guaranteeing our clients, both hunter and observer a  memorable safari in South Africa.

Base Camp, Safari Lodge

Base Camp is ranch-style, offering all the comforts of home.  Amenities include spacious guest rooms, full kitchen staff, gourmet meals, daily laundry service, electricity, and indoor plumbing.

We accommodate individual hunters, couples, friends, and entire families, just let us know how many guests you will be.

An African Safari with us is an awesome adventure, safe for your entire family!

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