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Antelope for Africa Safaris caters to both rifle hunters and bow-hunters.  


Minimum recommendations for COMPOUND BOWS:

Draw Weight Arrow Weight
Small game 40 lb 400 grain
Medium game 70 lb 550 grain
Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Hippo 80 lb. 700 grain

Hunting rifles

Correct rifles and calibres for the game hunters intend hunting, should be selected. To cover a wide range of game, we recommend a scope-sighted rifle of around .30 calibre.  The "Big Five" require a minimum of .375, but preferably bigger.

Our facilities include a shooting range to do the necessary sighting of rifles and scopes.

Firearms are imported into South Africa on a temporary permit valid for the duration of the hunt.  There is no cost for the permit.

***NOTE:  The Firearms Control Act of 2000 was implemented on 1 July 2004. 

This legislation changed the process and documentation required to obtain a temporary import permit for hunting in South Africa and also for hunters requiring "in-transit" permits.  

Hunters must complete an application for a temporary import permit.  The application form is  SAP 520. 

 Temporary Importation of Firearms into South Africa  contains critical information  regarding the SAP 520 (application for a  temporary import permit of firearms).  It is imperative that all hunters entering South Africa with firearms for a safari and those hunters in-transit to other hunting destinations outside South Africa be familiar with this application and the legal requirements.

We will help our clients correctly fill out the SAP 520 and provide you with your "invitation letter".

For more information on Firearms, please read the article "Using A Comfortable Gun" by David Gaston.  David has extensive firearms knowledge. As of 2011, he has hunted ten times with Antelope for Africa Safaris. In 2011, David hunted an elephant, and has now hunted four of the "dangerous six" species.  David arrived as a client and became a good, personal friend. 

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